. thanks: about: purism: dorota czaplejewicz

Dorota worked on squeekboard while OSK is mainly a thing of Guido.

I switched from squeekboard to OSK and are really happy with it. The latter isn’t written in Rust, but it works a lot better and comes a lot closer to an iOS or Android keyboard…


To clarify, I’m currently not actively working for Purism, but as a freelancer I’m always there for Free Software projects :slight_smile:


OSK is another word for “on screen keyboard”, which is every virtual keyboard, Squeekboard included.


We miss you, Dorota! :slight_smile:


So, as a freelancer, that means that the Purism community can crowdfund your employment to work on software, right?


Right. Catch me on Matrix if you want to discuss that. https://matrix.to/#/#dcz-mobile:chatwave.org


Camera redirects (for use as a webcam) would be nice.

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I do thank you, the camera has made leaps and bounds from where it used to be. Awesome work dcz!


Feel free to join us in the discussion over in the Matrix chatroom.

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I not have Matrix either interested to use Matrix to get in Touch with Dorota via Matrix. However i strongly support Dorota work via crowdfund or coffee maker.



Which Matrix chatroom specifically?

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Quoted from this message:

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Dear: Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

May be it is a stupid question but i really nervous on how Purism & Programmer Looks Like. Do you still work for Purism @dos?

thanks of advance.

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How often does he have to report in? Back in October he provided “proof of life”. :wink:


As you can see from dos Gitlab he slow down Commits from August 2023, samething to Angus Ainslie. To me something is happening… My estimates are that for some reason @dos is not active working for Purism.

After @Kyle_Rankin left Purism everything changed. My guess is that Purism might be suffering from financial problems, which is why they released an embarrassing tablet to get some money.

I like Purism and i am a big fan of Purism, Purism has given me like a dream Phone and Laptop and i have no words of gratitude towards for Purism. Wherever is happening on Purism i going to considerate to Donate $1,000.00 bucks. My best wishes for Purism and Programmers.


Sebastian chatted a bit in the Matrix rooms on the 28th. There’s no need to panic over a lapse in activity. The speculation about Purism isn’t productive.

If you want to do some digging, the SEC filings are publicly available.
If you look at offeringmemoformc.pdf, the “Financial Condition and Results of Operations” reveals some details about their revenue from 2021 to 2022; it also shows that Purism is engaged in settlement negotiations with a Plantiff.
Looking at the primary_doc.html form, the “Annual Report Disclosure Requirements” sections shows how many employees work under Purism, presumably full-time employees and not contractors. Within that section, it also discloses their income, costs, and other financial figures.


Thank you.

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I was never employed by Purism, I work as an independent contractor. I haven’t done any paid work for Purism for some time now, but neither I cut my ties with Purism nor Purism did with me, so I’m looking forward to continue my work on the Librem 5.

Also, although mobile GNU/Linux is kind of my hobby too, I have (intentionally) directed my spare-time attention towards other things in the last months, to refresh my mind a bit and combat potential burnout. Those things combined result in the activity graphs you see :wink:

FWIW, right now I’m preparing myself for my talk on FOSDEM this weekend, describing in detail some of the work I did for Purism last year as a kind of a “debugging case study”: FOSDEM 2024 - Universal Serial Bug - a tale of spontaneous modem resets


I just discovered that @dcz is also doing a talk at FOSDEM.
Subject is Wayland’s input-method is broken and it’s my fault .