Let's crowdfund some development to get PureOS Crimson ready for L5!

My recent commission with @dcz was arranged with a conversion between USD and EUR, so if you are okay donating to them instead, I will donate an equivalent amount in USD to any organization on your behalf, based on xe.com mid-market rates.


Forgot to answer. That would be an option I like. I will write a PM to you when it comes to an action. The community has still no plan how to act and first I want to see such. A solo action wouldn’t make much sense.


forking what ?

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PureOS. In the case that Purism is no longer able to prioritize maintaining Crimson, the community can do so instead by forking the codebase.

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I think all should be moved to Mobian. Also all “specialty” and hacks Purism made on their code.


I’d rather see the phone working before time and money goes into Crimson. Any rush to the cliff is another drop in Byz support and fixes.

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I am strictly here for the Librem 5. It is an on-again off-again daily driver. I would imagine there are many who are the same.

There should be a crowdfunding mechanism devoted strictly to Librem 5 PureOS development/integration.

(Whether through Purism or backchannel to associated developers, until/if they won’t organize-- Purism shouldn’t care, their product stands to benefit)

Quite bluntly, I will never be interested in non-Librem 5 products.


I think then you have not understood how these things work. The thing is that PureOS is based on Debian, and a huge amount of things are getting updated when new Debian versions are released. PureOS Byzantium is based on the old Debian 11, which everyone else are leaving behind now. Therefore, working on updating Byzantium is really hard at this point, because upstream developers have moved on. To make things work in a good way it is necessary to move to Crimson because that is based on the now current Debian version, Debian 12.

That is why I think the move to Crimson is so important, it is the basis for being able to continue with making the software for the L5 better.

There are many bugs right now that I would like to get fixed, but trying to fix them for Byzantium is not going to work because Byzantium uses too old versions of many things. We need Crimson first.


Not just that. Phoc, Phosh and other parts of Librem 5 are already 5 versions and more ahead. There are bugfixes we don’t get on Byzantium, but on Crimson. And taking the time to backport them is wasted time that will not be available for drivers etc.


What OS are the developers using? Moving over to a development branch brings all kinds of risks, but could there be a slightly older version of the OS they are using that users can install as a stable-ish OS?


Mobian ‘bookworm’, which Crimson is based on.

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An idea just came to mind. What if the “bounty” the community funds is to have a developer integrate the L5 specific things (ie. fast wake-up from suspend) from PureOS Gitlab into another OS like Mobian or postmarketOS?

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Then a separate thread for crowdfunding Mobian or postmarketOS development could be created, while nothing directly gets done on Crimson.


Mobian and pmOS. Also not all developers are using Librem 5 (some Pinephone, some typical smartphones).


Why should one need to know how the operation works. That’s not a question Knowing, and I do, doesn’t change anything. It just comes of as a sorry excuse. I know it’s a rabbit hole.

It’s also a horrible system. But it puts more $'s into pockets. Like Micro$oft, every update and upgrade, patch and fix is a beta test until the next batch of fixes.

Problem is, what happened to Byzantium (aged out), will happen to Crimson, and whatever comes after Crimson. Leap frogging! And, just what new hardware will be needed has to be a part of the witches brew.

Thanks Skalman,
Maybe I’ll hear back from ‘them’ and it will be good news…



we have to concentrate here on our BIG efforts that have to be done by Purism.

As we hear NOTHING from them for any questions and suggestions I fear that the “Project L5” is at least stalled and could also end on a deadlock sooner or later :frowning:

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This is only the beginning.

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I sincerely hope so, but this “development pause” is a bit longer than desired…


I fear that all development ATM is totally stalled? How about the co-work between mobian and Purism ATM? Is it alive?

Mobian is down since some days so I cannot tryout any newer builds of it


Purism is in a cash-tight position (still significantly more assets than liabilities, a decent revenue stream with solid margins, very promising enterprise sales opportunities in the works, but very limited in liquid cash - hence the painfully slow trickle of refunds) and is working to clear debts, improve numerous operating efficiencies, and live within its means to better support the developers and accelerate development. Development is happening and there are several paid developers on staff, but many others are on limited hours or on standby.

Purism is working on some new initiatives (that require planning and some infrastructure work) to ramp up more direct contributions to the “fund your app” campaign, where users may crowd-fund individual applications to achieve development milestones, and visualize the direct impact their donations have via progress updates and release notes.