Liberm 5 weight & handling

Can you make it under 135 gr?

I made a size comparison to other phones here. The closest ones are nexus 5 (130g) and fairphone (168g). Both have plastic cases, the librem aims for a metal case. And it might be a little bit thicker as things like the m.2 connector for the mode needs to fit. So i would guess the librem 5 will be more on the heavy side.
But one can still hope. I thought it would be huge because of the 5.7 inch, but turn out it is more like other 5 inch phones because of the the 18:9 ratio instead of 16:9

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I received my Librem 5 (Evergreen) last month at it weighs 258 g ready-to-use but without any protection case.

Not a light-weight but hey, this is the first production release :slight_smile:

Just to compare that: A One Plus 3T incl. a flip protection case (incl. a cover) weighs about 220 g (158 g without the protection case)

Edit: In my original post I wrote 358 g but in fact it is 258 g! Fixed now!


It’s even heavier once the battery is charged. :slight_smile:


Sure, or typo?
Isn’t it 258?

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No typo but a memory error :slight_smile:

Of course you are right, 258 g (not 358 g) - just verified again

I will edit my original post, thanks for point out my mistake!


@amarok reported that his Evergreen weighs 263 g, which is what I put in the community FAQ. Are you sure that your scale is accurate? I wonder if Purism has lightened Evergreen by a few grams since the first Evergreens shipped?

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re you sure that your scale is accurate? I wonder if Purism has lightened Evergreen by a few grams since the first Evergreens shipped?

I have used two different high-precision scales (one of them was among the best in a scale test article). Both say 258,x g but maybe the missing grams may be explained by the missing screen protection foil on my L5 (it came without it - but I could see the foil in Purism’s “first steps” video).


@tovadiratum, I really doubt that a screen protection foil weighs 5 g. Either @amarok’s scale wasn’t accurate or Purism has figured out a way to make Evergreen a bit lighter.

Either way, I’m going to update the community FAQ with your measurement since it is from a more recent Evergreen batch:

Does the battery in your Evergreen weigh 78 g?


I did only weigh the spare battery I have bought and it has 76 g.

Tech Spec of the spare battery:
3,8V, 4500mAh, 17,1Wh, produced by Zhongshan Tianmao Battery Co Ltd
Model: Librem 5 1ICP10/57/53 (produced 2020/10/13)

I did not open my L5 so I have no weight for the included battery so far.


I have just opened my L5, the included battery weighs 75 g (the spare battery was still covered by a thin plastic foil so it weighs 76 g).

Edit: And it was the same battery type/model (included = spare battery)


Perhaps my scale is slightly off. It’s only a mass-market kitchen scale.

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Thanks @tovadiratum. I added the battery info to the Librem 5 Component List.


Or, you’re living on a mountain :upside_down_face:

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I have that Model number on the “back”. On the front it says “BPP-L503”.

Anyone decoded the QR code on the back?

Since we’re musing on the battery, is it possible for the host (the Librem 5) to read the serial number of the battery? Mine appears to have a serial number equal to: “Librem5” + production date in YYYYMMDD format + 6 digit number.

I have the same model number BP-L503 on one side of the batteries

Confirmed, my batteries use the same serial number pattern