Libre mice for gnu/linux distributions

Hi !
I was really happy when i found out this thread about libre keyboards some time ago and i’m currently looking forward to my uhk.

i still haven’t found any such mice arround to go with the above beauty.
currently the best/precise mice that work in gnu/linux are gaming mice from Logitech/Razer/SteelSeries/Roccat and a few others but they are all proprietary products and on top of that a few of them (the high end) also feature ARMs inside (this is probably the worst risk so far)

yes you can install windows in a VM and configure the internal profiles on the mouse from the proprietary desktop apps but that is just a pain and a hassle. Roccat has gnu/linux support but those mice don’t really work for my needs.

do you know of any such hardware/software endeavors are currently happening or if they will happen at some point ? i’m not interested in wireless atm.

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