Libre mini wired integrated NIC not active

hello all.
I’m edititing this post to reflect the latest development (initial post was very messy)
thank you to all of you who are willing to help :slight_smile:

----the situation is:
Brand new librem mini. wired realtek NIC does not appear in lspci (pureOS)
(there is no wifi in my librem mini)
librem is offline, but i can transfer to and from the internet to the librem via usb stick.

----steps done so far
have provided a lspci where we can see the NIC does not appear
have provided a cbmem log.
installed a fresh pureOS (and upgraded flashmem to v1.2)
have upgraded to latest coreboot.

after reboot, lspci remains unchanged: no realtek device.

  1. you can’t flash the .gz file directly, you have to extract it and flash the .rom file contained therein

  2. flashrom v1.2 is required to flash the Mini; 1.1 doesn’t support it

edit: since you’re offline, download updated flashrom pkg from another device:

then copy over to the Mini and install with:
sudo dpkg -i flashrom_1.2.0-0pureos8_amd64.deb

Hello MrChromebox

oO that was a reply in a flash. !
–cue in bad joke jingle–

(the mail did say to flash the .gz, but hey i shoulda guessed)

so with the updated flashrom and the gunziped file the flash went ok.

but my problem remains:
no nic in the lspci …

What NIC are you talking about? The wired or the wireless? Did you order with or without the wireless? If you have both, are they both not working?

Anything in syslog about the desired hardware?

edited opening post.
i’m talking about the wired nic (realtek) there is no wifi in my librem mini.

probably referring to the mobo-integrated-ethernet-NIC that controls the RJ-45 at the back of the Librem-Mini … that’s my config as well

Are you in a position to post lspci or other output showing what a working GbE NIC shows up as?

I already know what that looks like; knowing it doesn’t appear is sufficient. OP has already provided a cbmem log as well