Libre office all windows in Gtk

LibreOffice 6.4, expected for next January 2020, all windows will be based on GTK.

I’d like to see it on the phone with adaptive.


I have Libre Office and was unable to get some simple cell formulas to work in spreadsheets, and thus doubt that any macros I may write will be reliable, even if I can figure out how to write them. I have no problems writeing complex vba applications in Ms-Excel always end up going back to Excel when I need to get any real work done. Has anyone here mastered the Libre Office spreadsheet tool well enough to make use of it as a power user? Can you really do everything in it that you can do in Excel? What’s with the syntax differences?

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i was interested if somebody knows how to use emacs as an M$ excel replacement. i have seen people do some crazy shit with it but not quite sure if it is a replacement after all it is a great OS and an OK text editor …

If you are talking formulas,.they work pretty well and are pretty compatible. If you talk VBA macros, then … well. … there is Starbasic macros, a python API, but the learning curve is somewhat steeper. StarBasic isn’t very different from VBA, given that is has been modeled after VBA.

I often try some formula that I find online for Excel, and find that I need to use a different function in Calc. Usually I can figure it out with a few internet searches. Graphing is not nearly as good in Calc as in Excel, but I have learned to live with it.

I find it very hard to program macros in LibreOffice, because there is no option to record your actions and automatically create a script. Having to lookup how to do every action in LO is very time consuming.

This would require a lot of work, because not only would you have to change the classes to use libhandy, but I imagine that you would also have to simplify the interface and change a lot of the dialog boxes to make LibreOffice fit in the Librem 5’s screen.
Still I would love to have a decent text processor on the Librem 5.

i believe the more exact term would be - a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (wysiwyg) type of text processor it’s not at all like what other text editors like notepad, gedit and the more powerful emacs and vim are like.

For simple things, org mode tables work passably well. They have the advantage that the formulas are written plainly below the table. For more advanced uses, they are a bit limited.

There is also ses mode, which is incredibly powerful, but like all of emacs rather esoteric and with a near vertical learning curve. I’ve used it a bit, but don’t like polish notation for math.

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Maybe this helps…
Have not tested on my own but looks like the thing you are asking for.

I am also pretty sure (my experience from daily exchange of documents) that the newer versions of LO calc do support almost all math functions of Excel.

Hope to be able to test python3 support soon. Have no idea how this works and maybe it’s translated or (mis-) interpreted in excel :wink:

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Oh cool! That must be a new feature in LibreOffice version 6.2. I don’t have it in version
I’m installing from backports right now to try it out. Thanks.

It looks like it’s there for years ( last edit 2016). You have to enable this feature as described in the page linked above.

@howil, I’ve been needing that feature for years! I can’t believe that I never discovered it.

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python 2 support ends 2020 so …

Strictly, CPython2 support ends in 2020. PyPy2 will continue for the foreseeable future. If you have something written in Py2 and need to keep using it, make sure it works in pypy soon.

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I do pretty crazy things in spreadsheets. I started programming macros in Lotus 1-2-3 running on a 5-1/4" floppy somewhere around the fall of 1985. I’ve done a lot over the years and owned the store bought box set of StarOffice (still have it). Worked at a lot of plaes that wouldn’t shake the Microshaft Mesmerization and switch to an Open product. For my own work at those places I used OpenOffice, then later when that got jenkey with Oracle, I became a LibreOffice guy.

I’ve never been limited by an Open product. I write formulas that run out of character limit space in the cell; yes that’s a thing. I do a lot of Object Linking & Embedding between the various Office Suite facets too. Range naming, mailmerge, email merge, etc. no problems. They are very equal in their powers. Their was one time when you could put in a ticker symbol and have delayed quote info appear in an Excel sheet, and I never got an Open product to do that. As of now only Google Docs does the live stock market data pull-in.

I don’t rely much on Macro’s, but LibreOffice has a macro recorder, so their’s that. Because Microshaft relies on Visual Basic for the macros, I’m confident they won’t translate over.

One time about a decade ago the formulas in the Open sheets were delimiting function parameters with the semicolon instead of the comma, so I would often put the wrong delimiter in depending on what system I was using. As of today they are all identical.

The place where compatibility suffers is when a lot of eye candy formatting of cells is done. You’ll have reformatting work to do if you open a Excel file with LibreOffice, and if you export from a LibreOffice file to Microsoft, you’ll see in Excel that the formatting doesn’t come in as you would expect it to.

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I don’t know if this is missing the point or not, but I have that Collabora system allowing me to edit LibreOffice files in my Nextcloud instance through a web browser.

Very recently (3 months or less) Nextcloud’s mobile app for Android started allowing me to edit spreadsheets on a mobile device. It’s surely not the same as a LibreOffice program running on a Workstation/Desktop computer, but it’s there on a mobile device.


I didn’t realize that LibreOffice finally has an online version. It looks like it isn’t ready for large scale usage, but it is awesome that it is now working:

I’m going to have to host it to see how well it works.


Are the easter eggs compatible? :smile:

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It is! Please see and simply test…


Why does it display a warning message after there are more than 20 concurrent users? For me that is good enough, but it isn’t good enough to host on Librem One and similar services.