Librem 11 and Tails

Tails is a anonymous,live,amnesic operating system which routes all traffic through tor(optionally through I2P)
1.Purism is developing the librem 11 x86 tablet.
Tails plans to bring tails os to x86 tablet. (in section sustainability )
Purism should work with Tails developers in helping port tails to Librem 11.
2.If Purism plans on rerunning the librem 11 & 10 campaign they should also support for tails os by providing backers with pendrives with tails. I have had issues with pendrives(usb flash drives) on tails hence this would be great.

Librem 11 is more portable & silent than a laptop, hence is ideal to be used in places plagued by surveillance .
It can also be used as a laptop when needed.

While I have not looked at the Librem 11 much, I’ve mostly been looking forward to the proposed smartphone Librem 5, do you think that Tails or similar privacy OS’s would also work with said new smartphone. I think having an OS that espouses privacy on a smartphone with hardware that could co-support privacy (and security) would be a great idea.
Or is this the direction that the PureOS will take as development proceeds.