Librem 11 battery life?

Anyone with a Librem 11 can comment on its battery life – specifically for just watching stuff with VLC or whatever?

Also, what is the shipping delay like?

Ordered on September 12
Shipping notice on Sep 28
Received on September 30

So much for 10 day lead time.

Haven’t been able to get it into portrait mode.

Haven’t had it long enough to say anything about battery life. Don’t know when I will get aound to watching video.

Screen is gorgeous.

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Thanks for confirming devices are in motion!

I too Ordered on September 12.
I must be in a later shipping wave as I am noticeless (sans notice?) thus far.

My current tablet is an old ipad that has not been able to update iOS for a couple years. Very few remaining apps will work due to the old iOS. A couple of obscure browsers still work but some web sites won’t display in them. To my detriment, Ebay totally works.

Out of pure stubbornness and an extreme lack appreciation of Apple, I’ve refused to upgrade, so the Librem 11 release is a momentous occasion.

In agreement with sentiment from j_s, all I want is to watch movies/shows, read books and listen to music with no middleman/person/bot.

there is a toggle in the notification shade. Works fine on mine after unlocking it

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Thanks for the rotate toggle info. I can report that
xraranr --output XWAYLAND0 --rotate right
does NOT work.

Regarding battery life, I fully charged it and left it on suspend for 9 and a half hours after which I resumed and battery was at 82%.

20%battery for 9 hours on SUSPEND!?

Yeah, OK, this tablet feels like a non-starter to me. Any decent Tablet should be able to be left in your bag off for like 2+ weeks without losing any appreciable amount of battery.

You know that you can turn a device off, right? I mean how long takes a cold boot, maybe 30 seconds max…

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Does wlr-randr work instead?

I would say more like 10 hours to use 20% or theoretically 50 hours maximum, over twice the 24 hours that Purism estimated, a rare case of Purism under promising and over delivering.

I agree that even 50 hours is dissapointing and totally understand it being a deal breaker, but it is not bad for x86. And I have never heard of any modern computer that barely dents battery capacity after weeks. Even amazon kindles will use a noticeable chunk of battery after weeks of sitting except for the newer models that hibernate.


Don’t know, since it isn’t installed by default (xrandr is). Low priority for me since auto rotation detect can be enabled.

I don’t know the number, but it is far longer than 30 seconds. Also a lot of fiddling around with passphrase and password.

I don’t really count the time handling full-disk encryption or login as time from a cold boot. Login would be there after suspension or hibernation as well, right?