Librem 11 Case Compatibility

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I absolutely love my Librem 11 and have found myself taking it instead of my laptop more often. However, I prefer my wireless keyboard over the stock keyboard and have been looking to buy a different case for the tablet.

Is the Librem 11 compatible with the cases of any other tablets? Does anyone sell cases for the Librem 11?

Thank you so much for your time and effort.
I look forward to reading your responses soon.

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There is a Faraday sleeve that fits laptops and tablets, but it is currently out of stock.

@myrcy This is a common question. I found a couple of universal bumper cases that may fit the Librem 11. However, I do not own either of these and cannot guarantee fit. If you decide to try one of them, any feedback would be appreciated!

It’s unlikely that fitted accessories for any other specific tablet will fit. I did find a few other models with very similar dimensions, but fitted accessories almost always have precise camera/button/port cutouts. That means the Librem 11 ports/buttons will be obstructed, and they are usually not easy enough to remove for charging.

Cooper Trooper Universal 10" case

  • Cooper Cases: Cooper Trooper Universal Drop Proof Shoulder Strap Rugged Case for 10' - Cooper Cases
  • Amazon:
  • Librem 11 is at the top end of the width range, and in the middle of the length range.
  • Visually it looks like most of the critical buttons/ports should be accessible - most likely at least the power button and one USB-C port. Other buttons/ports may be reachable, but without dimensions it is difficult to tell.
  • It’s difficult to tell how much of the front bezel is obscured. Librem 11 has about 7 mm of bezel around the display. From the photo, I think this one would not obscure much of the screen.

Generic “10-10.1 inch” universal silicone case

This one is listed on eBay / Amazon from numerous vendors.