Librem 11 Documentation

I am wondering when we will see a category for Librem 11 Tablet
user documentation support page
Thank Your in Advance


Probably when the Librem Server has documentation too.

Here is a start:

I used the section to successfully reflash my L11 :slightly_smiling_face:

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To partially answer your question, this responsibility lies primarily on my lap. I don’t currently have a L11 in my possession, but I plan to start aggregating the knowledge we do have, to at least have something resembling useful documentation. I’m juggling a bunch of priorities right now, but I certainly agree that official documentation is critical. @emeljay is correct that the L11 community wiki is the most established resource thus far.

Sorry I don’t have better news, but we’re getting to it! :slight_smile:


Thanks JCS, I appreciate the update. I really have not tried to do much with my 11 yet. I did find the card reader and it works fine. Today I received an type c to usb adapter so I will check how it works with my many usb devices.
Next I will try to make a partition for a Slackware install. Little by little. Nothing against Debian I’m just more comfortable with Slack.
Thanks Again

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@JCS & all, I have an 11 on order, and I am hopeful that I can contribute to the wiki, and perhaps also some of the official docs if I can to help those that may not be as comfortable on the platform as others.

I’ve been around the block with *nix for about as long as *dows (before Google was a thing) and I’m excited to play with my L11 and use my hobby to help out the community that appreciate and take advantage of products like this.

I’m excited! Now if only that delayed shipment would not be so delayed. :slight_smile:


Follow these instructions to contribute to the Librem 11 Community Wiki:

I believe only the Purism team are able to create official documentation. You can apply to be a part of it using this link:

No; anyone is welcome to contribute to official documentation repositories via merge requests (MR). MRs are reviewed by Purism and, if accepted/merged, are considered just as official as if a Purism employee had written it.


How would I do that? There are no repositories listed when I click “Show Source”.

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^ The repo is listed as internal, so you’ll have to log in to prior to accessing it.


Okay, but the first repository only applies to the Librem 5’s documentation, and the second one is for, not I am interested in writing up documentation for the Librem 14 and Librem Key, with potential for PureBoot and maybe Librem Computers.

I already attempted to search for the repository after logging in to GitLab, but only the Librem 5 documentation exists.

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This is correct. I have contributed a couple of small MRs for the official doco.

The only thing that I would caution is: be realistic about time-frames.

JRandom can update the Community Wiki in a few minutes. Job done.

When attempting to get the official doco updated, it can take at least days, because of the need to get staff cycles in order to review the change - and then (it seems to me) further time (days) before the change actually shows up (maybe some kind of periodic rebuild and update process).

There is obviously a trade-off there in that I don’t want to take up developer time reviewing my doco changes when the developers could be … developing.

In the specific case of the Librem 11 I would certainly encourage someone (outside of Purism) to write some documentation since, right now, there is absolutely nothing at all !

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I just recently got access to the repo, so I’ll be able to review MRs while disturbing the devs as little as possible! (If anything, it’s mostly me fact-checking with them.) The docs use rst and are built with sphinx, so it does take a little time for the build to deploy after merging.

I don’t own a L11, so I may need to either buy one to test with or defer the fact-checking to a teammate.