Librem 11 - kickstand or hinge?

Does the Librem 11 have a kickstand that extends from behind the back of the display or is the hinge strong enough to hold it in different viewing angles like with a laptop?

On the page for the Librem 11, there is a video during which the convertible is shown. About halfway through the device rotates and there is no kickstand visible and it seems to open and close through a wide range of opening angles.

Further down the page there is a picture where there does seem to be a shadow of a kickstand visible behind the screen.

Now, both, the video and the picture look like computer renderings and not actual photography.

Can you elaborate?

Can someone answer this question please?

Hi Stuffy,

The video for the campaign was proposal design and were more a mix between the Librem 10, that was abandoned for lack of interest, and the Librem 11.

The Librem 10 could be used like a real laptop with the screen getting strongly attached to the keyboard’s hinge. The Librem 11 is different and looks more like the iPad pro in that regard. There is no hinge and it has its own “kickstand” in the back. If there is a strong interest for the hinge, this design may be changed in future revisions.

However, the Librem 11 has a docking station that turns it to a serious desktop computer. The docking station adds 1 HDMI, 4 USB 3.0, 1 RJ45 to the already existing ports and can be used to power the tablet. Unlike with its keyboard, the docking station can hold the Librem in place.

I hope this answers your question!

Yes, that clarifies it. Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification. If the design for librem 11 is still being developed my vote goes for the hinge so that it can used on the lap as a laptop.

I am voting for a hinge as well. Those flappy keyboard-cover things are usually basically useless.

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I like the hinge, but I don’t trust the plastic to hold out because my current laptop broke at the hinge.

Hi all, unfortunately we have to table this for now:

We hope to revisit this later when we can get back into the design process for this product after we have cleared our current priorities. So for now, I’ll close this discussion thread to avoid ambiguity and consolidate threads.