Librem 11 shipping running behind

Purism has the hardest time with logistics shipping dates. This time Librem 11 shipping behind schedule no shocker. The claim is 10 business days and my order is now at 16 business days. Personally, I don’t really care all that much I’m willing to wait for the products just like I waited years for the two L5’s that I backed. It seems like the shipping dates being screwed up all the time really piss people off and they loose trust. Any how they are doing better and hope they continue to do so.


The one thing that they can control is whether they communicate with you if there are delays. Did they?


Not a single word has been communicated and it still has not shipped.
Order Date: September 27, 2023
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment


That’s frustrating. I’m sorry to hear that it’s been that long, especially without any feedback. It seems apparent that a Standard Operating Procedure ought to be established to notify customers if there is a shipping delay that exceeds N business days…


Have you written a mail to ask what happened? I’m sure this is not a fully automated procedure and they may made a mistake (like with my Librem 5) and forgot somehow to ship it.

Or did you order something else too that’s may not on stock?

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The L11 was the only thing ordered and I’m waiting on a response from support.

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Twenty one business days later… I finally received a shipping notification on Oct 25th 2023.

However I never received a response from support about the status of the order.

Purism has had plenty of opportunities to do better in support and communications but they always seem to fail. The hardware is good the security is better but all the other things are are not and it makes it hard to recommend them to people.

This is about what I would have to tell a friend that is interested… If you want a really really secure device that will not spy on you does not have latest and greatest speedy hardware(by design) and you are willing to wait for an unknow time to get it despite what they tell you with no communications while you spend a good chunk of cash for it then check out Purism.

Like I said, I support Purism and apricate their great minds and vision but that is a hard sell.


At least the extra delay was measured in days, not years. :wink:

One unfortunate side-effect of the lack of communication is that no one knows whether it was teething / product launch problems (won’t generally happen with future orders) or whether the delivery time will routinely be twice what it says on the web site (and 20 business days will still be OK for most customers if only the web site said that up front).


Just a quick update: I know it can’t improve your shopping experience, but I’m communicating internally with the team to discuss if/how processes can be improved to better mitigate shipping delays and/or communicate delays to customers.


On the latest news post “The Real Speed of the Librem 5”, the shipping chart at the bottom for the Librem 11 now says “3 business weeks”, and “updated October 19, 2023”.

21 business days is slightly over 3 business weeks, but not quite double.


22 days from order to delivery is what I got.

I also got quick and to the point replies from purism support when I sent an email to them.

Indeed not the 10 days listed on their site , but still better than the Librem5 im one of those who were part of the kickstarter in 2017.

So far im pretty happy with the device and even surprised with the keyboard.


I received my L11 a week ago, about a month after I ordered it. I just today had time to open shipping package and have updated OS. It was shipped with Crimson. I have not had time to play with it, but the tablet looks and feels superb, and I have updated PureOS just as I have been doing with my L5. I like both, but the large screen on the L11 will make it my go to computer (I’m retired and am just bicycle touring and needed a larger screen. Note…I have been using my L5 as a computer to save weight and space, but want to try a larger screen, thus the L11!


Huh, I’ve never heard the expression “business week” before, but here it is defined as “five consecutive business days, excluding public holidays”. That is, where there are no public holidays, it equals to calendar week.

Anyway, 3 calendar weeks since I placed my order. Still not shipped.

I believe that the US will be having Thanksgiving this week though. Once, let’s say, 15 business days have elapsed, best to follow up directly with Purism regarding the state of your order.

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21 business days = 4 groups of 5 business days plus one. Shouldn’t it be 4 business weeks then? (I’ve also never seen or heard “business weeks” before so I’m curious/ confused…)

Yes, 21 business days would be 4 weeks and a day.
Business weeks I generally see used to emphasize that progress is not intended to be made on weekends, though beyond that there’s no meaningful difference between weeks and business weeks in my experience.