Librem 11 v2 Hardware Kill Switches

For the Librem 11 v2, include hardware kill switches.


Maybe we can change the title to Librem 11 v2 Wishlist, I would love to add to an existing discussion here. I know that in the future, ideally they’ll have more options for customizing their hardware, but it won’t be for awhile. There are a lot of things I like about the existing product, including the option of a fingerprint reader, a pen, and a keyboard. I would love to see some changes and improvements though.

  • In addition to the HKS, I know that the weird back cover for the classic Purism all black would be preferred, rather than the weird current one

  • Qi2 magnetic wireless charging or some sort of (maybe Bluetooth) dock similar to the Google Pixel Tablet I think is a great form factor.

    • Helps get around battery issues by having it always charged to full when not using it
    • Can use it as a bedside alarm clock, smart home control hub, a voice assistant (OpenVoice, Neon, etc), kitchen recipe display. I know a lot of normal people who may not replace their phone or laptop with Linux, but may be open to something for a tablet, especially this form factor. People don’t really care that the Google Home or Alexa Show aren’t Android/iOS, they just care that it works and does tasks well
    • If pursing the smart home route, ideally if it could be a matter router, rather than just a controller
  • USB-C keyboard hinge that holds the tablet in place like a laptop (similar to Microsoft Surface Book 3), rather than having to rely on the unfriendly form factor of a kickstand or folio triangle, which isn’t great for travel

  • Serviceable/removable battery

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