Librem 11 wifi card hardware error

Been experiencing very bad network connection on the Librem 11 after a while since it gets powered on.

The symptoms show up as very slow network RX about 130kbps.

Rebooting it seems to fix it for awhile.

dmesg shows hardware errors detected on the ieee80211 phy0 and there is a hardware restart requested made.

It starts with a stuck quee 5 is stuck 95 97 on the iwlwifi, then there microcode SE error detected. restarting 0x0 message.

Then there is a IWL error log dump, and seeing the firmware gettings reloaded firmware version 72.daa05125.0 QuZ0a0-jf-b0-72.ucode


Sounds like this is something that you should be taking up with Purism Support.

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