Librem 13/15 December shipping updates?

Hello! I ordered one of the new Core i7 Librem 13’s a month and a bit ago, I’m wondering if there’s any news on when testing and TPM installs will be completed? I’m a little concerned since I’m planning on a trip to 34C3 and need to know so I can make plans if my laptop is going to show up on my front porch Dec 26th or later. Thanks!

Have you tried contacting the Ops/Shipping team? They might be able to give you specifics on your order. Email

I ordered the i7 13in in August and have not received it yet. Support told me that TPM enabled laptops will start shipping in January. Take that with a grain of salt though. I was first told September, then October, then November, then December, and now January. Granted I may have received the laptop in December if I had not ordered the TPM Too. Good luck.

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