Librem 13 & 15 (latest revs) screen resolution?

Sorry if I’m re-hashing previously covered topic here. A lot of info on the web seems to come from previous revisions of the librem so just to confirm:

  • The 13 and 15 both have the same screen resolution.
  • They both support HiDPI rendering.
  • They both are 4K (4096×2304) but render an effective 1920×1080p image for HDPI support.


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Tough crowd. Did I say or ask something wrong?

This info is literally listed on the models page on the main site.

All models ship with 1080p displays.

Maybe I literally did not explain myself correctly or maybe you literally didn’t read my question :slight_smile:

No worries. Let me try and explain myself better.

I’ve seen the specs on the website. I’ve also see an interview with Todd Weaver ( at 11:46) where the screens on the 15 is described as 4K screens and that they support HiDPI.

The resolution listed on the website is not 4K and there is no mention of HiDPI on the website.

I’m trying to find out where the discrepancy is. I fully understand it could be me but I’m not as stupid as to have not read the specs or not did my research before posting.

The “discrepancy” comes from the fact that the video you watched was a much older interview (which you can see, by looking at the date it was posted on YouTube). Back around the initial revision of the Librem 13, and the 2nd revision of the Librem 15, Purism tried to get 4k screens, but was unable to do so. For more information, take a look at this blog post, on their Crowd Supply page for the Librem 15: Librem 15v2 and 4K Displays.


Thank you for the link. That makes total sense now.

I appreciate the help.