Librem 13/15 v4 Hinge

So on my L13 v3 I have the kill switches in the hinge mechanism. (Sidenote: I prefer this, as I feel like the switches on the side will get snagged being moved from bags, etc.)

I know in the v4 (and apparently some v3s) the switches are on the side.

My question then is what is the hinge made out of. Before with the kill switches being there it was a plastic piece. I’m wondering if now it is a solid aluminum piece or if it is still a plastic piece.


On my L13v3, it looks like the hinge cover is made of plastic.
It bends a bit under finger pressure.

Thank you. I have a L13v3 as well and mine is also out of plastic, but i have the kill switches in the hinge as well. I’m wondering if when the kill switches are not in the hinge is the strip there in the hinge is made of aluminum or plastic.

The hinge on my 13v4 appears to be plastic, but hard to tell for sure. It looks almost identical to the aluminum shell but feels and sounds “plasticky“ when I tap on it. Hope that helps.

BTW the side kill switches take quite a bit of force to toggle, so I don’t think they’re likely to snag on anything. I find them very convenient where they are.

Interesting. I do wonder why that piece remains plastic. Doesn’t really matter I guess. Just a fit and finish thing.

13v3, switches @ side, hinge sounds like plastic.
side-switches are small, stable and well usable

Yeah I read somewhere else that v3 models should have the switches on the side, but my v3 has switches in the hingle, which is ok, because I prefer that. I also do have a TPM so I’m good.

I have a L13 v4 that has a case that says “Librem 13 Version 3” on it. I only cared about that until I confirmed that it indeed was a v4 “inside”. It has switches on the side. I was initially worried that they would be tripped accidentally, but that hasn’t happened yet in 9 months. The inside hinge cover appears to be plastic.