Librem 13/15v4?

Hello all,

I’m new to this forum and Purism products. I’m interested in the laptop while waiting for the smartphone.

I tried to find how “commercially” old were the Librem 13v3 and Librem15v3 but I didn’t find a clear date. I guess it’s around mid 2017. Am I wrong ?

My real question was in fact when the v4 come out ? if already planned (with more recent Intel Core i7, faster RAM etc)
troll mode : with a Gigabit RJ45 port please ? :rofl:
(I don’t want to launch another post about RJ45 port, I’ve read that Purism prefer to have an another usb port, I was just sayin’ :smiley:)

See you

I’m starting off the same way, purchased two of the Librem 5 phones, noticed they launched a Librem Key from Nitrokey and got one of those, it is fantastic.


I also have PureOS running on a Udoo maker box so I can get familiar with GNOME, long time Linux user but never with a GUI.

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There’s no official word on the v4 yet. With work on the phone, I wouldn’t expect to see anything until late 2019 at the earliest.

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The Librem13 i’m just typing on is that thin - even if lid closed there’s nowhere enough space to place an RJ45-port - even those collapsible ones found on some laptops of other manufacturers. It’s just enough height for USB/HDMI.

As to speed and more up-to-date-hardware: Mine runs as hell (13v3, 500+GB NVMe SSD Samsung Pro, 16GB RAM). Don’t have an idea what would make sense to be tuned as it would probably be un-sensible.


Thank you very much for your replies !
Then I’ll wait for Christmas special offer.
I can’t wait :smile: