Librem 13, $750 OBO

Due to my technical ignorance I must sell my Lebriem 13. You will have to reinstall the operating system. This process is too complex for me and tech support is no help. Take advantage of my ignorance and save some money…

I am sorry you think this way, I thought my instructions were clear enough. Once again I will point you out to our installation guide:

If there’s something that needs to be clarified there for you, please let me know.

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if you decide to sell, @Libremuser, I’m interested.

If a person knows almost nothing about OS installs, I find this tutorial hard to follow for them.
It should be more of a “how-to”, step by step.

If I were to be in his/her shoes, I’d first follow the first url (from the page you provided) and that is: Boot Prompt options. And here’s what the first line says:

To get into device boot menu press ESC key when Purism logo shows up, you will see something like this:

At this point a novice user doesn’t know if that’s what he/she wants. I’d suggest rewriting it, to something like:

To install PureOS (in this case) on any Librem laptop you need to make sure that you have:

  • a USB drive with PureOS on it (learn here how to do it)
  • a Librem laptop

The next step is to insert the USB drive into the laptop and boot up the computer. When Purism logo shows up, press ESC key and you should be able to see something like this…

Next in the guide, we have this line of text:

To boot desired device simply press it’s number. In the example above, 1 is internal sata hard drive, 2 is external USB drive.

Hence the guide is intended for novice users, options will only confuse them, instead you could stick to the main goal (to install the OS) and guide directly to it. I would have phrased that to smth like this:

To boot desired device simply press it’s number. Because we have installed PureOS to an external USB drive (JetFlash TS2IJHYGV) we select the number 2.

If continuing this way, you’ll find a lot more moments where a user can easily get lost.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi beFree,
Thanks, but I may suffer an IT curse! My local computer store installed the O/S after purism failed to do so. The local guys burnt it to a disk and installed the non encrypted version. The disk had the encrypted O/S on it bit I can not get it to work.
Installing the O/S to a usb stick spooks me. I once installed Tails O/S with Rufus software because Etcher was too complicated.
I offered Purism unreasonable coin to resolve this for me and they balked!?! They deserve a nonprofit designation…

Hi @Libremuser,
if you do it on a GNU/Linux machine it’s even easier. You can do it with a simple command like:

dd if=pureos.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1048576 && sync

if=pureos.iso - shows the path to the ISO or is the ISO name itself, if you’re inside the folder containing it.

of=/dev/sdX - shows the path where the USB drive is mounted. To find out the path to your usb drive, type this command:

sudo fdisk -l

And find your USB drive. Make sure you get the path to your usb drive right, otherwise you might erase some other partitions/disks.

If you got a spare USB drive, give it a try, you only learn it when you practice it :wink:

p.s. before copying an ISO to a USB drive, always format it first. The easiest way to do it in GNU/Linux is by installing Gparted sudo apt install gparted. Remember to format it as fat32.

Agred with @anon10067017 - those instructions are not laid out in a way that could be scripted - like the recipe of a cookbook.

Hi Yelling Goat,
beFree has given me some hints. I plan to make one last attempt to install the o/s when I have some time next weekend. If I am unable to do it and do not get a better offer it is yours. Thanks for the inquiry!

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Feel free to pm me when attempting to install the OS, I’ll help you & guide through the process.

FYI, when you wanna tag someone on this forum (most forums use this same principle) just type @ wait a few moments and a dropdown list of usernames will appear. If you see the username you need, just click it, if not, start typing one letter at a time, and you’ll find the one you need. :slight_smile:


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Thanks beFree, you provided the necessary encouragement. I am almost embarrassed as to how easily the install was, this never happens! I expect it went so smoothly because I downloaded the NSA malware O/S from a phishing site!

Thanks again!

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No problem, I’m glad you succeeded. Enjoy the control over your own system :slight_smile: