Librem 13 and 15 Changes

I see on the products page that the battery life for the Librem 13 is still 7-9 hours, despite the upgrade to an i7. Is that still the expected battery life? (though obviously it will depend on usage)

And the Librem 15 now has a maximum of 16GB RAM. Is that right? Is it getting reduced from the 32GB that was listed before?

For the battery estimates: yeah those have not been updated and tested (there’s usually a difference between what suppliers say and what we see in practice), I would personally (but please don’t take this as a formal promise/guarantee at this point) expect the battery life to be better than what’s listed. With my type of usage, I was able to do 10-12 hours on an older Librem 15, so…

For the Librem 15’s RAM capacity: indeed, there was unfortunately not enough demand to make this option (a 2nd RAM slot) viable currently. The costs involved are in the six-digits (if I recall correctly) and were not compensated by the additional RAM sales so far. We also didn’t want to introduce any further delays stemming from this particular feature.

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Thanks for the quick reply! A shame to hear about the reduced RAM, but I certainly can’t blame you guys for the decision.