Librem 13 backslash key generates "less than" symbol

My new Librem 13 hung. When I reset it and rebooted, the \ | key (backslash and vertical bar) generates < and > (less than and greater than). I have no way to generate a backslash or a vertical bar now. The rest of the keys work normally.

I plugged in a USB keyboard, and the backslash key works correctly, generates a \ (backslash) symbol, and with the shift key generates a | (vertical bar) symbol.

How can I get the backslash and vertical bar symbols back? Is there a way to reset the keyboard?

I am running PureOS.

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Seems the particular keyboards used in the Librems don’t produce the standard scan code. Check this other forum post for details and how to fix it.


I think I was getting pipe and backslash before I reset the Librem 13 when it hung, so it seems something changed.

I followed the directions in the other thread. The “setkeycodes 56 43” works, but I can’t make it permanent. I’ll follow up on the other thread.

See this other forum post for a more permanent fix

My brand new Librem 13 does the same thing and I’ve not had it hang and need to be rebooted. This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed.

Same here. Just opened my Librem 13 v2 for the first time and this is also a problem for me.

Suddenly I have a similar issue: I have a UK keyboard on my Librem 13 and the numbers symbol key (’#’) and backslash keys map to the same code. If I choose US layout in my Plasma desktop, both give me the backslash symbol whereas if I choose UK layout, both give me the numbers symbol. Does other users have this same issue?

This topic is a duplicate of Keyboard layout unable to recognize pipe.
There is a workaround provided there, upstream added workaround and will be available with an update (hopefully soon).