Librem 13 Dead On Arrival

My Librem 13 arrived yesterday. I plugged it in and the red light turned on. After a half hour, I powered it up. The two white lights on both side of the battery light came on and that was it. No startup. I’ve tried disconnecting the battery, holding the power switch for a minute, connected power and hit the power button, but no joy. I’ve tried a few variations, the device will not start up. I’ve also giving the battery a charge until the red battery light turned white, no startup either. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Have you tried booting with a USB? I would suggest making a live USB image of PureOS and seeing if the USB will boot, to see if maybe something on the hard drive got corrupted at some point, or if it is a deeper hardware issue.

@taylor-williamc - Yes, I just tried it with both the OS USB stick and the Librem Key. No joy.

I just heard back from support and I will be returning it for a replacement, hopefully when the next backorder of 13’s come in next month. As busy as I am, the wait will go by quickly.

hi there! :slight_smile:

im wondering how these devices are tested, as ive seen kinda much of these posts here in a relatively short period while im around here, however i dont know the number of total sold devices for reference, nor stats from other vendors… i truly appreciate the whole purism stuff from a-z, and anyway these situations are well played, and they willingly change every wrecked devices, so the main purpose of my current message is that im holding the future of this project near to my hearth :slight_smile: on the other hand, if they make basic tests, just as i think they do, then these news sounds like the used hw’s are maybe kinda fraudulent…

so basically i would really appreciate any info around these topics, like stats, methodology, comparisons, or whatever else, while it can be beneficial for everyone around, so i wrote absolutely in the hope of a constructive conversation! :slight_smile:

bests for every1 around! :slight_smile:

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Good points hippi and I’m sorry about any issues you had @nomadicoder. The Librem are tested and are undergoing greater testing, both on the quality assurance side and on the quality control side. The QA side is more software focused, the QC is more about hardware and the interface with manufacturing. On the QC side there are the typical challenges with consumer electronics but there are some experienced folks hoping to make a real difference.

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@jeremiah - Thank you. I realize that things can go wrong between QA and my initial boot. Sadly, my experience with brand new hardware in general has not been good. I’ve had to return products to manufacturers that have failed out of the box or within a few weeks of use. I’m glad I was able to work out a replacement when the next batch arrives. I look forward to working with it. It will definitely influence my decision to pre-order a librem 5. I only hope it arrives in plenty of time before any possible pre-order price increase.


What a courteous and patient response @nomadicoder, thank you. As far as Quality Control goes, we’ve noted a couple things that we’re hoping to take up with the product distributor to minimize the type of issue you’ve had. Thanks again for reporting.

On the Librem 5 side of things, there is a planned increase in price I believe, I will try and get those details for you so you can plan.

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@jeremiah - Thank you!

The pre-order price is currently USD 599. It’s going to go up soon to USD 699, so perhaps you’d better move quickly. I just in the last fifteen minutes pre-ordered mine.

(I can’t wait for a phone with camera and microphone kill switches! I don’t think I’ll miss too many features of my current phone (Samsung Galaxy) since I’m continually removing stuff from it that came with the phone, so I don’t chew up data allowance having them update. But it’s a pain in the butt removing the electrical tape from the camera lens (after removing the outer otterbox rubber case) every time I want to take a picture, and I’m vividly aware I can’t shut the microphone off.)

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@jeremiah - I’ve “pulled the trigger” on the Librem 5. Here’s look forward to April.

Forum threads seldom come to a conclusion, so I want to close this on out with a happy ending. I received my Purism Librem 13 last Friday. Got it up and running, though there were some update problems. I ended up reinstalling PureOS from a USB stick, but now everything is running well.

Yesterday I held a personal data privacy discussion at work and used my Librem 13 with LibreOffice to lead the discussion. I showed off the notebook computer along with a FreedomBox server running on an single board computer to show that it’s possible to have self-hosted freedom respecting hardware in your own home.

Now I have to decide whether to commit to QubesOS. I have it installed on the 128GB drive to play with it on the side, but I’m really enjoying using PureOS.


It’s worth keeping in mind that people are more likely to take time to go and give feedback when they’re unhappy; it’s just human nature. I don’t think I’ve seen many instances of truly defective devices being reported here, and every customer complaint winds up being solved to the satisfaction of the customer. It’s also worth keeping in mind that in a relatively short period of time they’ve accomplished a pretty remarkable amount of growth when you consider the fact that they are making and selling computers that are made to run free operating systems.

And for every post where someone complains about some issue they’re having with the computer when they get it, you can probably find two comments from people who absolutely love their computer. Purism makes damned good computers, and I’m betting they will make damned good phones, too.

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sure :slight_smile: i was mainly about asking info about testing and how significant are these relative to other vendors or total sold machines, but its not about deep worries… however what uve said are straightforward and not new for me, but thx! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting that @nomadicoder. It’s good to hear. :slight_smile: