Librem 13 fan failure

Dear Purism staff and fellow Librem 13 users,

I have a Librem 13 and the fan appears to have failed. Any help in answering any of the following questions would be greatly appreciated!

Q: I think my Librem 13 is version 1. How do I confirm?

Q: What specification should I look for when I order a new fan?

Q: Does a L13v1 have the same fan specification as a L13v2? Because then I could use the specification reported in the forum topic Librem 15rev2 fan seems dying (assuming the poster is correct that his is a L13v2).

Q: Can I install a new fan just using screwdrivers? Or will I need to solder?



Perhaps best to contact Purism support directly.

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I did email simultaneously. Am I wrong to imagine some of my fellow Librem 13 users already have this information?

Let’s see. :slight_smile: