Librem 13 Fan Speed Detection

Is there any specific kernel module that I should enable to get a fan speed reading from lm-sensors? I am compiling my own kernel and it doesn’t seem to do it with i2c-i801. Thanks!

I’m not aware of any kernel module which will allow reading or control of the fan speed. It’s not attached via i2c nor to a SIO/LPC controller, but to a dedicated simple fan controller which sets the fan speed based on input temp. There’s no manual override possible.


Usually it is exposed to ACPI though giving some controls/overrides via ACPI calls - do you have it also hooked in there by chance in L13/15 BIOS?

there’s no fan control ACPI code in our coreboot firmware nor the proprietary AMI firmware (I’ll double check this next week though)

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Thank you!