Librem 13 for sale

Librem 13 for sale. Hello, I purchased a Librem 13 a year ago. I had difficulty logging in when it arrived. I contacted Purism and I was able to log on. After that I was I found the laptop too technical for me. I placed it back in the box and haven’t used it since. It is in mint condition. I’m asking $800.00

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I believe you can send it back to Purism for an x amount of $ and they will sell your machine as “refurbished”. This would make more sense since few people will trust “a random user on the internet” ( by random user I mean anyone on the internet who you don’t know in person for at least 1-2 years…) to buy a security and privacy laptop from.
To me it just doesn’t make sense, but hey, that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Good luck in any case!


I have been wanting to get a purism laptop but do not have enough money for a new one. I like the form factor of the Librem 13. What are the specs?

Thank you I will contact purism. I didn’t think ahead enough on “privacy laptop”. I now get the hesitation people would have.

Hello. The laptop did not come with a spec sheet. If you go to the Purism site the Road Warrior laptop specs can be found. I ordered the Librem 13 with Qubes. Weather Qubes is up and running I don’t know. I’ve never got past logging on. I was expecting a more non-techie friendly laptop were everything just pops up and loads instantly/automatically.

Do you know how much RAM or what hard drive you picked? Also, do you have contact info for payment details?

Intel Processor Ram 16GB. Contact info? I’m not sure what you are asking for. Please clarify I’ll be happy to provide.

Hello again. I contacted Purism. They responded by saying they do not offer a " buy back " program. Just incase anyone else was wondering. It is NOT a service they offer.

@Klaud155 I am interested in buying the laptop. I want to make sure it is a Librem 13v2 and if you want payment and shipping details please email me at caffeinatedcraigs@gmail.

Dear Klaud
Is this your Librem 13 still avaible ?

I am very interested in your product!

Do you still sell them?

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