Librem 13 i7 Shipping updates

I ordered a Librem 13 i7 back in August with a potential shipping date of September. Now I’ve been informed by email that November was a more likely candidate. It seems to me that having to send an email requesting updates is a bit cumbersome both for the customers and the company. Being a customer for both a Librem 13 and 5 I have a few thousands of my Canadian dollars invested in Purism and regular update about my purchases would go a long way towards alleviating my concerns, clearly, I chose to trust you guy but I am currently 3000$ in with nothing to show for it yet.

As such, I would like to propose either this thread (or a new one made by Purism) with regular updates on manufacturing, packaging and shipping. I’m interested in the Librem 13 more specifically but a big post with simple updates about the whole series on Librems 5/11/13/15 would be even better.

Thank you for your consideration.


I would like to second this, I was about to post something similar and found I am not alone. I have an order in for a Librem 13 that I’ve been waiting on since February of this year. The waiting is one thing, but the current shipping estimate is September 4-10. This is the third time that the estimate has been missed with no sort of acknowledgment from Purism. I’m thrilled the Librem 5 campaign was fully funded, I’m still considering investing in it myself, I just hope that the hype of the 5 doesn’t take away from keep us up to date on the other products!

I agree. I ordered a 13 in August with an expected shipping date of September. I thought it would take two weeks. I didn’t find out that they were backlogged until I emailed them and found this forum.

Hi all,
I have just sent a new email inquiring about the status of my order. In that email I suggested a post be made on the Forums about this and I have included the link to this thread. Hopefully, we’ll get words from Purism on here, if not I’ll update when I get an answer back through my email.

P.S. I just realized today is Friday so it might have to wait for Monday.

I would help greatly if they would update this shipping status page, but unfortunately they are even considering taking that page down (as said in the thread I opened here).

No updates on shipping statuses is the single thing which keeps me from ordering a Librem13, so please Purism, please show an effort to update both customers and almost-customers on the expected shipping date.

Here it says

Production ETA for 5th batch inventory: November 2017

Is that not sufficient? I guess that’s all they can say, depending on the good will of the manufacturer.

I hope November shipping is still a go. I’m looking forward to get my machine :grinning:

Hey all,
I received an update via email. I am told that production is almost completed and shipping should start early December.

With this being high shipping season I’m not expecting this laptop to reach me before 2018. Oh well, so long as I end up getting it safe and sound.


Yeah, we got delayed a bit by the initial TPM add-on R&D (among a million other things this fall), but I’m also told we’re supposed to (hopefully) receive some missing pieces on Monday to fill the inventory back up and start shipping out the 13" models again ASAP. I’m not sure what the stock status is for the 15" model, should come sometime soon after.

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Hey Jeff,
Through a series of emails from August I was told the Librem 13 i7 I ordered would not have a TPM chip. Can you confirm that it actually will and that’s what caused the delay?

I’m asking because this would make the wait seem far more worthwhile, I considered cancelling and waiting for a TPM equipped model.

As the blog post indicates, it doesn’t include it “by default/as the standard offer for every unit shipped out”, only as an add-on for now. But if you want it as an early adopter, yes you can get it done within this shipment batch by requesting the extra.

I will send you guys an email right away, I really want one.

Hey everyone, I’m very happy to report that my order, at long last, shipped last. Am I the only one with this happy predicament?

Did you get a TPM added?

Indeed I did, I’ve also received it and the laptop is fantastic! I’m underwhelmed by PureOS so far, though. I am, however, very much a neophyte when it comes to Linux so some of that might be me.

Did you order one with a TPM as well?

Yes, I emailed and asked for a TPM to be added. Still waiting on shipping, hopefully it gets shipped out before the end of January. Its been a long wait but I am very much looking forward to it.

The wait has, so far, been rewarded. I’ve had some issues with PureOS so I’m running Ubuntu at this moment but I will use a VM with PureOs until I’m more familiar with it and probably switch back.

The laptop itself however is gorgeous and the hardware is impressively solid.

My order with a TPM shipped out today, can’t wait!

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