Librem 13 laptop stuck at boot and keeps ¨crashing¨ / ¨sleepmode



I have some problems with my Librem 13 laptop.
When i power on my laptop / reboot its very often stuck at booting. Its stuck after the screen to select my Linux OS (i use Elementary OS). I have to power off the laptop with the power button and turn it on again, repeat this several times till the screen pop ups to decrypt my hardisk.

Also my laptop very often (a few times daily), when im working on it, goes to a blackscreen / sleepmode. When i use the combination Fn + ESC the user / password screen pops up but after this i have to reboot again, because my WIFI is not working anymore.

Before i used Ubuntu 18.04 and had the same problems.

Someone any ideas what this can be?

Thansk in advance.


This sounds like a hardware problem of some sort.
Did you already let “memtest” run? Sometimes RAM issues can cause all sorts of weird problems.



Yes, Memtest gave no errors.


Does same happens on PureOS as well?


All is working fine now! I think the reason was because of a failure in my partition scheme.
Happy it was not a hardware problem :slight_smile:

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