Librem 13 Qubes OS KVM switch multiple monitors

I have a Librem 13v4 with Qubes OS installed on it. I have it connected to a KVM switch where my keyboard and mouse and two monitors via HDMI are connected to the KVM. Only one of the monitors works when switched to my Librem laptop. I’m assuming this is because one is connected via HDMI but the other is via USB-C which is for data only apparently so the USB-C to HDMI converter is useless in this case. Was wondering if anyone has any suggested workarounds on how I can get it to work so that I can use both monitors that are connected to my KVM switch?

Many Thanks!

the only way to get a 2nd monitor output on the older Librem 13/15 models is using a DisplayLink (not Port) USB adapter, since as you note, the USB-C port on those models is data only, and does not support USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode

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