Librem 13 spare part

Dear all,
I have bought Librem 14 last year. Suddenly, it start smoking between the hinges laptop and the keyboard. Because I live in MENA and it is difficult to send it to the US.

I took to it to local expert with all type of laptops. He says the issue is from the flat cable between monitor and the rest of the laptop.
I am wondering if I can order the screen with the flat cable or just the flat cable.

Thanks in advance

Are there no typo in your email?
Librem 14 is not shipping yet, so I assume you must be referring to Librem 13 or 15.

Anyway, best is to reach out to

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. It is 13 inch laptop. I got confused because I can not fix it and have load of jobs to be done in 10 days.

Anything that is “smoking” is bad! You should not use it until the problem is resolved, nor would I necessarily recommend “self-repair” unless you are qualified to identify what the actual problem is. So best to email as suggested.

The laptop is not working after smooching. is definitely the best option. They will help better if you have an image of the problem or the part you need. I am also attracting @mladen’s attention to this, since he will give you an honest answer as to the availability of the part. He will be honest even if the answer doesn’t make you happy. Your laptop should still be under warranty, so as annoying as it is, you should really send it in for a replacement laptop if they don’t have the part.