Librem 13 V2, and Qubes 4.2RC2

After the latest update to Qubes 4.2, I started having problems with the Librem 13 V2, Taking a long time after I entered disc password, until starting Qubes Screen. As this is an experiment. Installed Qubes 4.2 from weekly August 27, 2023.

Difficulties with using WiFi. I used an USB External Antenna with an Atheros chip, Mostly trying to connect through hotspot on my Apple Iphone 14 Plus, ATT cell Service. I could get some internet connection, but it did not want to allow me search internet. Entering https://???.com or such, sometimes got around search problem, but not enough speed to load a page.

I went back and went to the Qubes website. and downloaded the more official Qubes 4.2 RC2 to install. Similar problems, and could not update anything, including Tor, Whonix.

Installed onto Alienware 15 R2, Qubes 4.2. short trial, works as expected.

Back on the Librem 13 V2: I found some versions of live Linux did not seem to want to start, like Ubuntu 23.xx and Easy OS. Getting to point, starting new kernel.
Tails started perfectly and acted as expected. No problem.

Enough for experiments, From the Qubes OS website I downloaded Qubes 4.1xx believing it should be stable.

After install, seems to work as I expect it would. On shutdown, I click esc to watch messages and see a red one flash by I use video camera on Iphone to get : blurry…

failed unmounting mount memstore file system
OK stop target stopped

not sure if it is important or not.

I might have a hardware problem. Either memory, or SSD. perhaps something related to Boot directory.

Anyone know of this one?

any hardware tests?


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I just saw: