Librem 13 v2: Does it ship with coreboot and a neutered ME?

The title is pretty self explanatory!

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OH NO YOU DIDN’T! You know… you could have added a mustache, and a bowtie!
I hope, that the whole of the Librem lineup from here on out, is shipped with Coreboot and a neutered ME!.. i.e., to start-- and at least!
Please!.. no emails!

Anon and JOHN, explained here: (Will this batch ship with coreboot preinstalled? paragraph).

Does Coreboot support Windows 7?

Windows can work on devices with coreboot (in legacy boot mode).

How long until the Librem 13 will ship with Coreboot? How much longer do I have to wait?! :slight_smile:

I received a Librem 13 v2 in July. It shipped with coreboot and SeaBIOS (as a payload for coreboot). I do not believe it shipped with neutered ME. Afaik, neutered ME is still considered experimental and may cause performance or other problems.

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Yeah, @kakaroto is working on finishing the Intel ME cleaner port to Skylake so that it doesn’t interfere with WiFi, we are planning to blog about that but haven’t had time yet.

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During the last weekend (July 22nd), Nicola Corna (the developer of me_cleaner) added proper skylake support to me_cleaner, but he still needs to test and fix potential issues. I’ve tested his changes, and while it removes a lot more modules than before (bringing it to par with pre-skylake support), it unfortunately did not fix the wifi issues we’ve been having. I’ve managed however to debug the problem and fix it, but it has other side effects now.
So right now here are the options possible :

  • The ME is left as is
  • The ME is neutralized and the Wifi module is inaccessible (but you could use a USB eth/wifi adapter for example)
  • The ME is neutralized, the Wifi module remains accessible but you can’t poweroff the machine (after you power it off from linux, it remains ‘frozen’ at the end but doesn’t actually shut itself off automatically, so you need to press and hold the power button to force it to shut down)

I’m still working on this and hopefully we can get a better solution for it all soon.