Librem 13 V2 , External Battery suggestions

Hi, I have a functional Librem 13 V2, thanks to Mladen, and to use it without Mains, I need a battery which plugs into the usual charging circuit. There are several options as to which battery I might choose.

I am guessing that it should be easy to acquire an external battery that changes the time of use by two or three times what it would have been if the the internal battery was brand new.

I see some batteries which are like ten pounds, a bit more than I would want to carry.

Also I am not knowledgeable in the sine wave of an external battery versus – actual AC mains.

Thanks for any replies.

I planed to get this one:

I think it would work.

But now I have L14 and some other USB-C PD power bank. So I’ve never tried that one.

Thank you for replying. In my question, I should have said something I was told. The Librem 13V2 does not charge through C Port.

The Power Bank I need, must have an AC connector to distribute power. I had hoped someone could point to Power Bank, he had experience with.

I have to consider, I am carrying the power bank, so it can not weigh a lot. For my sleep Apnea Machine, I have a battery the size of a car battery to keep it going. This one needs to be smaller.

I will probably go to an Electronics store, like Best Buy and yak with the staff.

Thanks for replying

I know L13 does not charge over USB-C. The powerbank I linked before has DC output. You just set correct voltage (same as DC out of the power adapter) and use the DC barrel connector. It should work, but you do it at your own risk.

Thank you for replying. I am in the US, and I did not much look at a language website I am not familiar with. I will try to find something that is sold here.

I went to my local computer store, and was speaking with one of the techs there. He said that the voltage of a battery needs to be pretty close, but it was more important that the amperage is correct.

I was thinking of a battery which I would plug a standard wall plug into.

Anyway, if the battery is more than thirty dollars. Uh , well, not in the next two months. I need new tires for my car, which I can hardly afford with the meager Social Security payment I get. Plus there is a rumor that Social Security Payments may get - delayed. May we live in interesting times.