Librem 13 v2 hinge and video cable assembly

Does anyone have a schematic or an X-Ray of how the display cable is connected to the display?

The reason I am asking is because my display does not work when lifting the lid. I have to jerk the lid forward as if shutting it to get the display to come on, and then very slowly and carefully open the lid for use.

The display itself works perfectly fine! It is like the display cable connecting to it is loose. When I jerk it forward it reseats it just enough to be used, but any action of opening the lid or even using the device can back it out again.

Understanding how the cable is physically connected in there would be VERY helpful at possibly devising a method to make the display more reliable.

(I do have another display that I could replace it with, but I need some instructions for that. And besides, this display is still completely functional.)

@mladen @joao.azevedo, do you all know if you can release the schematics for these laptops yet?

No one has any idea how the video cable connect to the display panel? Has no one else had this problem with their Librem 13 / 15?

@2disbetter i don’t remember anymore optically how it was done, but i’d suggest - if nothing else like schematics turn up - to

  • open the back and have a look yourself (easy with L13)
  • write an email to support instead of forum

Good luck

The display panel itself is glued shut. Opening it would most likely destroy the lid and potentially the panel. I’m concerned with where the cable connects to the actual led panel. Not where it connects to the mainboard.

I’ve written support many times on this. I’m still waiting for instructions to be provided on how to swap the lid out for a new one I’ve bought actually.

But the panel already on it works just fine, when the connection to it is properly set. I’m trying to discern if there is something I can do to the hinge, somewhere I can push while opening the lid to help not disturb the cable, and help keep the display more functional.

If i remember right, when my hinge broke (which also damaged the display - glued as you mentioned) Purism first offered to send a new Panel. So my guessing into the blue: The cable might be fixed to the panel?

That makes sense, but I’m wondering about how it specifically is inserted. Perhaps there is a spot on the back of the lid you can push on that will push the cable in more? Clearly, the act of opening the lid is backing that cable out, but I’m wondering if I could see it sit it in there better, if that would overcome my issue.