Librem 13 (v2) - how to get hibernate state working?

I am using Ubuntu 18.04

Is someone able to enable the hibernate energy saving mode to overcome the low stand-by time in suspend mode (just about 4 - 5 days in suspend mode then the battery is empty)?


Probably best asked in a Ubuntu-specific forum but

  • you must have a swap file before even contemplating doing hibernate (suspend to disk)
  • that may raise some security / privacy issues that need checking, or maybe you are sanguine
  • hibernate used to work better than it does now and it never worked fabulously (in my experience - your mileage may vary)

There are lots of discussions about having Hibernate in Ubuntu

e.g. try

@kieran You are right with asking in a Ubuntu forum and I just wanted to know first if it is worth spending the time by finding somebody here who already did this successfully on his/her Librem since I suppose it will not work due to the tweaked Intel ME firmware…

The connection between hibernate and the Intel ME backdoor is not immediately obvious to me - anyway please report here success or failure.