Librem 13 v2 Touchpad (will it work with other distros?)

Hi all - I am aware of the problems with the 1st Gen Librem 13 and the Elan Trackpad - but I just ordered a Librem 13 v2, and I’m hoping the Touchpad may be sorted out. Anyone know what the news is on the v2 Touchpads?


The first generation Librem 13 has a BYD touchpad. Some features don’t work and my right palm keeps making it accidentally click even though I’ve got tap-to-click turned off. I’m happy to hear the BYD touchpad won’t be in new Librem 13s.

Indeed the 1st gen was using a BYD trackpad that is a bit troublesome to work with (needs the right kernel modules loaded, and generally better with “tap to click” turned off), the 2nd gen uses Elantech trackpads that are superior in every respect, yes (and last time I checked, it worked flawlessly with a Fedora live environment).

As a sidenote, I’ve begun discussing with some libinput & GNOME developers regarding gestures, and “perfect palm rejection” in particular (the current system works “OK” depending on your needs, but I’m a perfectionist). I’m planning/hoping to meet some of these devs at conferences at the end of the summer to see what can be done. Related to the topic of perfect palm rejection in general:

Do you mean a physical click or a capacitive tap click?

I mean just barely touching it.

Odd… I don’t understand how that’s actually possible if tap-to-click is indeed disabled in the control center, in that scenario it should react only on physical click! At least that’s what I saw with the BYD touchpads I encountered so far.