Librem 13 (v3) Biwin SSD?

I was under the impression before buying that the laptops came with a Samsung EVO rather than the Biwin SSD like I got, according to at least the latest updates on hardware specs for the Librem 13 V2 here: Librem 13 v2 Hardware Specs - #20 by davidovitch

Seems like going from Samsung to Biwin is a big downgrade, what gives? Didn’t even heard of this brand before. These drives are not the same quality.


Update for transparency.

I received a PM from Nicole asking for my order number. One week later an Intel SSD was shipped to my house to replace the Biwin SSD.

My suggestion to everyone: If you bought your laptop during the May 2018 sale, make sure to check you didn’t get a Biwin SSD.

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