Librem 13 V3 - DC Plug in issue

Hi Everyone,
I experience an “Hardware issue” with my Librem 13, the DC Plug in is not sticking well in the laptop outlet, and i have to turn and to bend it in multiple directions until it start charging, by doing this i’m afraid to break it. So i am looking for alternative.I would like to replace it with a better one (or at least a functioning one), does anyone ever did this ? If yes, do you have any recommendation on the replacement parts, or the procedure to do so ?

(I’m not an English native speaker, sorry if i made mistakes)

My guess is the plug isn’t the problem but where the wire connects to the plug. Y twisting and turning you are affecting that connection. You probably just need a new adapter or someone to fix your cable.

I agree with @2disbetter try getting another cable as the wires in cables tend to get worn down.

Thanks guys, i will get a new one a try it, I’ll let you know if it worked.