Librem 13 v3 - Fan spin up at wake

Hopefully this gets to someone at Purism that can help.

I’ve noticed my Librem 13 v3 occasionally [around 1 in 5 chance] spins the fan at full speed after waking from sleep. The only way I’ve found to fix it was to put it back to sleep and re-wake it; sometimes it takes a couple tries.

I’ve also had one complete screen lock (non-responsive UI, keyboard, trackpad, etc) and the only way I got out of that was holding the power key for a while.

I have updated the firmware, but nothing changed in the behavior.

BIOS Information
Vendor: coreboot
Version: 4.9-Purism-1
Release Date: 05/16/2019

System Information
Manufacturer: Purism
Product Name: Librem 13 v2
Version: 3.0

I don’t know why that says Librem 13 v2 – the bottom of the laptop says v3 and I know [or at least I’m 99% sure] I picked v3 when updated the bios. I’m assuming it was just a compile time string embedding mistake or something.

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So did you flash the bios of 13v2 or 13v3 ?

I mentioned at the end, but, just to be sure, I’ll redo the bios again.

Okay, redone, no change though.

When running the firmware update script I chose:

  1. Update firmware using precompiled image

The script then said:

My spidey sense tells me it’s a Librem 13 v2

But I chose: 4 - Librem 13 v3

The bottom of my laptop most certainly says Librem 13 Version 3.

I then chose: 1 - Standard (coreboot/SeaBIOS) [v4.9-Purism-1]

I don’t have a Librem Key, and I’ve never used PureBoot before, so that seemed to be a risky choice. That’s why I chose Standard.

Did the rest of the questions, flashed the bios, rebooted, dmidecode shows “Product Name: Librem 13 v2” so I’m guessing is a typo somewhere in the build process.

For “fun” I just built it from source, carefully answering the questions properly again. Still Product Name of Librem 13 v2.

Anyway, I’m doubting that’s why the fan spins up to full on wake so often, but maybe? :slight_smile:

It should be a known error but it’s got silent about it.

The problem is gone here after upgrading to coreboot firmware v4.11-Purism-1 (from v4.9)