Librem 13 v3 screen cut-out

This is an issue I have noticed six months into ownership of my Librem 13. When moving the screen during use - it will occasionally reboot the laptop. Other times, the boot sequence will fail - or the screen will be filled with blocks of inverse and flashing text that will persist until I force a reboot.

I took off the rear panel, and disconnected the battery, and checked all connectors. Then I reconnected the battery. At first, the screen refused to come on, while the Librem booted as normal. After several attempts, the Librem 13 v3 now functions normally.

I believe there is an intermittent bare metal contact between the MB and the case. I intend to put a thin non-conductive sheet to cover the MB in some areas - so long as cooling is not affected.

I will update this topic with my progress. Any and all suggestions are cheerfully requested. The Librem 13 is an outstanding piece of hardware.

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Update to my previous post:

I re-checked my connectors, and I found the problem. When I removed the memory module, one of the clips became unseated. I secured the memory module in place, and I have had no further problems.

I stand by my previous statement: The Librem 13 is an outstanding piece of hardware. However, I use Trisquel GNU/Linux 8.0 as my primary OS. PureOS was stable and secure, but I am not a fan of Gnome 3.

Purism, great job on a terrific laptop!

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