Librem 13 v4 Arrived Today!

So far so good! There was a slight issue after updating as the GPG was asking for a password. There was no information included in the packaging that provided the default password. I did manage to find it online in a forum.

I’m pleased with PureOS so far. I’ve been a user of Ubuntu and Mint in the past so this (basically) Debian fork took very little to get used to. I was nervous about the initial update. In the past, I’ve had Ubuntu and Mint break after updating.

Keyboard and touch pad are nothing special, I’ve had worse and I’ve had better. Monitor is sharp and crisp. Overall light, sleek and functional. Performance is quick with i7, 16gb ram, pro-ssd options.


One quick question. I singed up for Librem One today as well, where do I get the services I just paid for? Looks like there are only options from Chrome and iOS…

Never mind, found the links here:

Glad it’s going well for you. You may want to look at the title of this topic though. I’m guessing Librem 13.

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Haha! Thanks, fixed!