Librem 13 v4: First Day

After a nightmare with FedEx, I finally received my Librem 13 v4 today.

Super excited. So far everything is going great. Got my Librem Key setup and working to decrypt my harddrive, external monitor resolution works without a hitch, keyboard feels great, and I’m liking the UI so far.

I misunderstood how GPG subkeys and stubs were working and spent some time messing around with that. LOL

My only slight concern is that when I open it up, on the right hand side only, near the hinge, there is some slight scraping. I think maybe something is just very slightly mis-aligned so the very edge of the lid brushes against the body as the lid opens. Since it is only on one side and since it is very slight, I’m not that worried that over time it is going to break anything…I saw some other users have some issues with the hinge though so I’m going to keep an eye on it just to make sure.

Overall, beautiful and very pleased to start putting it to work.

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Please contact us at support with some photos of the problem.