Librem 13 v4 Reassigned Keys

I was unable to log in to my Librem 13 today, the * (shift 8) would not register. I rebooted via long press on the power button. After rebooting the * key registered but now several keys are reassigned, p is *, k is 2, etc. I noticed the keys that are reassigned have an alternate key (J is 1, P is *, etc.) how do I toggle back out of that key assignment? I can’t find any instructions.

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Press the NmLck key.


Ugh, thank you sir.!


I wish there were an indication of some sort that numlock (and caps lock) is on. If it (or capslock) gets bumped while entering your password, you’re pretty much SOL.

It wouldn’t have to be hardware; an alert on the unlock screen would do it.

Or the ability to unmask your password.