Librem 13 Version 2 For Sale $500


Because I recently purchased a new Librem, I no longer need my old one, so it’s for sale on Ebay ($500 to buy it now, or else a minimum of $200 to start bidding). This is ideal for someone who wants a Purism machine, but isn’t able (or willing) to spend >= $1,200 on one: Librem 13v2.

Your ad says “Intel Core i5 7th Gen” but it also says “i5-6500T”, which looks a bit strange.

It’s possible that I listed the wrong processor model in the ad, but it’s a 2.5GHz i5 processor.

you did, it’s an i5-6500U, not T (big difference in power)

I thought all LIbrem v2 models shipped with i7 not i5.
Possibly, I’m thinking of v3?

Perhaps @MrChromebox could elaborate on this?

Before elaborating too much on it, they should put it in the wiki :sunglasses:

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the 13v2 was available with the i5-6xxxU initially, and the i7-6500U was an upgrade option. Later in production the i5 was dropped and the i7 standard for no additional charge. All 13v3 models should be the i7-6500U.

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@ezs777 Device still for sale or sold?

Sorry, this device has already been sold.