Librem 13 Version 4 screen somtimes cut blank

Hi there, does anyone have any explanation for this strange phenomenon. Some time ago I noticed that when typing with the laptop on lap with the heat getting warmer, that when I went to place a faraday-type bag on the lap as a kind of cooler, the screen just cut blank all of a sudden. Now read: the ONLY functions being used are 1/ the Librem Office word processing app, and 2/ there is NO internet, the hardwire kill switch is activated (as in cut off). Yet, when the bag is placed within 1 inch proximity of the base the screen completely cut out and I had to log back in to continue writing. On plenty other occasions, as in today, this did NOT happen when the same bag was placed on the lap to act as a cooling agent.

So, sometimes it cuts out blank no reason at all, and others it does not. Can anyone vaguely explain what is behind this strange phenomenon? The laptop is being used in exactly the same way each time, ie as a word processor with all networking disabled. Bag placed underneath the laptop- sometimes screen goes blank, other times it does not. How are the two interacting exactly? One time the bag did not even touch the computer and the screen cut out

Can anyone explain this? Is it being removed hacked? many thanks,

Sounds like it is triggering the sensor/magnet/whatever for closing the laptop lid

Yeah, but then it would be consistent, as in every time, but that’s not the case. Some times this happens, some times not; the way it is being used IS consistent (ie word processor, kill switches on) so where does the inconsistency come from?

Earlier no triggering whatsoever with it resting fully on lap. Other times complete cut with 1 inch or so proximity so cannot rest it on lap without being cut…can any physicists or purism hardware experts offer some ideas? What can cause this/ the inconsistency

I have no idea what TRULY is the problem. But I’ll defer to some form of radiation.

Example: The urban legend is that the use of a microwave for cooking was discovered aboard U.S. navy ships. Some enterprising sailors started reheating their food in the communication wave guides.

Hypothesis 1: the laptop is an electronic device so there is electric current so there are electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields can be manipulated. If your Faraday is a faraday cage like a metal basket or grid it possibly manipulates the electromagnetic fields which in turn influence the laptops electronics e.g. the magnetic sensor for the display.

The closed ends of the bag would be more “dense,” maybe the orientation of the bag on your lap makes a difference.

Renamed topic for clarity. Feel free to improve my suggestion