Librem 13v1 videocamera quality for videoconferencing via Teams/Zoom/Skype

I’ve got a Librem 13v1. I notice that the quality of the video from my built-in videocamera is always much much worse than the video quality of the other participants when videoconferencing via Teams/Zoom/Skype. I’ve connected my expensive L13v1 with my partner’s el cheapo machine side-by-side and the quality of the video from her camera is hugely better.

Is it just my configuration or do others experience this also? Is it the camera? Some video processing chip on the motherboard?

I’m running Qubes and using qvm-usb to forward the USB device from sys-usb to an untrusted VM in which I download and install the proprietary teams, zoom, and skypeforlinux packages.

Yes, I’ve tried raising the amount of RAM the videoconferencing VM can allocate.

I would try a USB webcam, connect it to each of the machines and see if it’s the hardware or the software. I suspect the hardware is the limiting factor here but that’s just a hunch.