Librem 13v2 Four Years Later

This is my note of thanks to the Purism team and those of you on this forum that keep folx like me running without interruption.

Four years ago, I bought a Librem 13 laptop. I’ve used it as my personal laptop for activities such as software development, getting my Ph.D. in Computer Science, writing books, editing cartoons, and general shenanigans. Overall, I have to report that I am incredibly pleased with the laptop and how well it has met my needs since getting it.

I carefully use my power charger, literally unplugging it at around 85% and plugging it back in around 40%. I have a little notification configured to tell me. According to upower, my battery health is still at 94% after many such sessions. My screen is A-OK, for what that’s worth. I never seemed to have the same WiFi problems that others had. I hate the keyboard, but have grown accustomed to it over the years. The trackpad is fine, but I don’t really use it all that much.

Most of my professional life has been spent on OpenBSD and Windows. While I’d played with some GNU/Linux distros over my life, I never really leaned into them, other than when I had to. But, I wanted some open hardware which led me to Purism and the Librem 13.

I ordered the laptop, a PureOS stick, and a Librem Key. I configured the laptop with stock RAM and storage, then separately ordered proper (fast and large) drives and memory sticks that I installed as soon as I had the laptop. A PureOS install later, I was up and running. I got i3 installed (because overlapping windows are silly for me), and customized the rest of my installation.

My first woe came about three months later. I was on an in-person contract about 1,500 miles away from home when the power adapter just stopped working. I sent an email to support and they sent a new adapter to me overnight to the office where I was working from. I was without my laptop for all of a couple of hours (because I powered it down at about 30%).

And, that was the only problem I’ve ever had with the laptop. The replacement power adapter that I received still faithfully works for me to this day.

I have thought about “upgrading” to a Librem 14. But, each time I put it into my cart, I don’t submit the order because my Librem 13 is such a nice little machine. I really like it. It’s almost as good as a ThinkPad I once had running OpenBSD back in the late '90s. (The ThinkPad had a better keyboard. :wink:)

I now run sway, in case anyone cares. :full_moon_with_face:


Librem 14 it is the best GNU+Linux x86 machine up to date IMHO. I own one.

Purism :heart:

@carlosgonz Thank you for that review. It might change my purchase decision next time I put a Librem 14 in my cart. It happens about once every six months. :sweat_smile:

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Had mine for 4 years as well and have slowly worked up to almost exclusively using it.

Keyboard, though, yeesh. As a proper touch-typist, I get annoyed at smaller things that most wouldn’t notice. There is a modifier key lag that is probably about 50ms. For instance, if you hit shift, you have to wait 50ms to hit A to get a capital A; it’s something I’ve had to adapt to.

I would like to get another machine as a backup/upgrade but the Librem 14 lacks a right-side full-sized Shift key which would be intolerable.