Librem 13v2 + German keyboard: which OSs are compatible?

As described here, there is an unresolved keyboard issue with this hardware-OS-combination:

Librem 13v2 + German keyboard + PureOS.

In the absence of a software solution or workaround and unwilling to continue to work with an external keyboard, I would like to expolre which OSs do not have the same issue.

amanita has already shared in the above mentioned thread that the problem did not occur when using QubesOS R4.0 and Ubuntu 16.06, myself I found out that Arch Linux 3.17.4-1 worked fine.

Can any “Librem with German keyboard”-users share their experience, i.e. whether they have identified operating systems which do not cause the dysfunctionality of the “angle brackets & pipe” key?

Thanks in advance!


See here @elsurion’s solution for fixing the dysfunctional German keyboard key issue.

AFAIK: Recently version of PureOS beta also have an issue with the the german keyboard, but the angle brackets seems to work. But there is still no pipe key at all. In case of Canonical it was Ubuntu 16.04. I will test this with 18.04 next time.