Librem 13v4 and Debian 10 - 3 days ago bluetooth stopped "no adapters found"



As my subject says, I’m using Debian 10 right now on my Librem 13 and it was all happy until about 3 days ago or so. I was using it with my bluetooth headset in the morning. Took it back out in the evening and get told repeatedly “no adapters found”.

I’ve tried updating, removing and reinstalling the bluetooth programs and following online suggestions but to no use.

Am I missing something very obvious that I can do to fix this? Something not obvious to a Linux babystepper?

Thanks for any words of help, guys. I learn as I go!


Can you post the output of this command?
sudo lspci -vv -n
And post the output of this command:
sudo dmesg | grep -i bluetooth



I was able to grab a friend back in the States who helped me walk through it. Still no idea what happened, but we got the drivers recognized again and working. Thank you for taking the time to offer help! Very much appreciated!!