Librem 13v4 For Sale - $1,200 shipped (USA)

Greetings, I have a used (but very good condition) Librem 13v4 for sale, if anyone’s interested. It’s clean, in good condition, and everything works; the reason that I’m looking to part with it is that I have one already, and don’t need another one. This one comes with a charger, has the TPM chip, and can take up to 32GB of RAM (it currently has 4GB and a 500GB M.2 SSD). I can also do international shipping, but would have to provide a quote for the total cost. This device cost me $1,500 dollars new.

If anyone wants pictures, please send me a PM.

Are you sure yours is the librem 13 v4 cause the base version of librem 13 v4 comes with 8 GB ram ( ) while you said your librem 13 v4 has 4GB ram.

Yes, I’m sure. It comes with 4GB, because I used the 8GB stick that this one came with in a device that I gave to someone else.

You can have this device for $1,200, or put in your bid here: