Librem 13v4 for sale


I am selling my used Librem 13v4, recently replaced with a Librem 14v1.
Specs: base model, 8gb ram, 250gb sata ssd, coreboot firmware, EU power plug
Condition: used, has a tiny scratch on the top of the screen metal frame (fully functional as far as everything else is concerned)
Delivery restriction: ships to EU (shipping would be via national postal service).
Price asked: 500 euros, via PayPal

Additionnal note:

  • I can take specific pictures on request
  • Ships with 2 brand new extra batteries
  • I can preload the PureOS OEM image or remove all data from the SSD

Is your 13v4 still available? I’m interested. Do you ship to the USA?

It is still available, yes. I can ship to the US, no problem.

Some considerations here:

  • You might be requested to pay custom fee (I would ship via the national belgian post, so I expect you would receive it via USPS).
  • The power plug is EU type, but the power cord can swapped so you can probably replace it easily.
  • The keyboard is a qwerty one.

If you’r interested, feel free to PM me.

I pm’d you.

Hello. is it still available?

Yes, it is still available - feel free to PM me if you want to discuss further.